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Self-Evaluation Quiz

GrowthZone is a continually growing software.  In many ways, it is much more feature rich than ChamberMaster.

Learn more about NEW modules and features of GrowthZone that we are excited to share with you and hope they will enhance your ability to fulfill your mission.

There are some features that you may utilize in ChamberMaster that are not currently part of the GrowthZone platform.  We want your GrowthZone experience to be great, so want to ensure you will not experience any feature gaps that could be important to your operations.

Review the Additions and Gaps checklists below and select any of the items that you are interested in know more about from the Additions.  From the Gaps list, select any features you currently use and would consider very important.

We hope this evaluation will help you in your decision regarding GrowthZone.  Use this report to identify if you are using the feature.

New Additions to GrowthZone

ChamberMaster/MemberZone Features Not Included in GrowthZone

Please carefully consider any of the items you have checked above.  We recommend spending time on the GrowthZone in action videos to learn more.

How would you classify your organization’s feelings when a software updates its look/features (1 being that you love trying the latest and greatest and 5 being that you prefer a product that rarely change?):

1 - I love trying the latest and greatest

If there are no major concerns from the checklist above, GrowthZone may be a great fit for you.

GrowthZone has a look and feel, along with some structural elements, that are noticeably different from ChamberMaster.  In addition, GrowthZone receives new feature releases weekly, versus the schedule you’re more accustomed to with ChamberMaster/MemberZone of approximately every two months.  This means the software is continuing to grow and change.  Given your comfort with trying new things, you probably will enjoy the constantly improving and growing software experience.

5 - I like established products that rarely change